selfServe - User Guide
Your own little bit of the world wide web
selfServe is an application written to give community groups control over their own sections of content within the site.
If you would like a new area creating for yourself or a group you are involved with let us know by emailing us using the addresses found on the "Contact Us" page(it's free!).

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As a user your job is simple. Firstly, you register with us by clicking the 'My Account' button on the toolbar, this will display the login screen with a link to registration.

Click the registration link and fill in all the details, username should be more than 6 letters, password should be more than 8 letters and make it something memorable! At the end of this page is a list of all the selfServe applications configured for the site, tick the ones you are directly responsible for and any you feel you would like administrative access to (you can view all sections but only need tick where you want to be able to add, edit and delete content). For instance, as shown in the diagram, the user has elected to be given administrative access to the Parish Council area in addition to the Noticeboard and What's on sections.

In this example access to the Noticeboard and What's on sections will be granted as a matter of course and only revoked should the user use threatening, abusive or other such inflammatory content within these areas. Access to the Parish Council section would be referred to the relevant body within the Parish Council who would always have the final say as to whether this user is granted administrative access.

Once you have registered with us you will receive an email thanking you for doing so. Your requests for access will be emailed to the administrator (me) who will review and collaborate with the relevant authorities to gain access to your requested sections. As soon as this process is completed you will be notified via email of the systems to which you have been granted administrative access.

That's you registered and with administrative access, don't let the the power go to your head!

So what! What can I do now?

Within each selfServe section you will find (at the bottom-right of the page) a link stating "Administer this section...", clicking this link will take you to a page where you can add, edit or delete any of the items within this section. Actually this is not strictly true you can add, edit or delete and items which YOU created, this is a security feature intended to stop users deleting or editing other users items. You may be friendly with all the people you would like to have admin access to your section right now but who's to say it will stay this way!

In the administration page, you may be asked to login first, you edit or delete any of the items you have already created. At the bottom of the list you will see an option to "Add a new entry..." clicking this will take you to a page requesting information about your new entry, fill in this form with the relevant information.

Depending on the selfServe section you are administering, one of these fields may be an "upload field", this allows you to choose a file on your machine to be uploaded to the website and linked to from the webpage, for example it may be the minutes of your last meeting or a picture of your garden.
For ease of use it is best to restrict uploads to images and html documents, this is not a scary as it sounds. If your upload is a Word document simply, within Word, choose "Save As" and in the "Save as type" box at the bottom of the box choose "Web Page", this will create a html version of the document. Most applications now have a similar such mechanism. Every content item will have an "Item Expires" entry, if you enter a date here (note the yyyy-mm-dd format) then after this date your item will be moved to the archived page for this selfServe section. It will never be deleted unless you delete it explicitly but it will move off the main page and will be visible only in the archived view(there is a link on the main page to archived items). Once you click "Submit" your item will be added and you will be returned to the main admin page where you can continue adding, editing and deleting. Note items with a pink/red background in admin mode mean that these items have expired and will not appear in the main page for this section.

If any of this seems too involved the best way to learn is to just give it a go. You can't break anything, the application won't let you!

If you are still having trouble email us via the "Contact Us" page and together we will sort out a training session or guide you through it.